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What is Confidence Coaching?

Coaching is a focused conversation and exploration to help you discover exactly what you want for yourself and how to take all the practical steps to get there in the most effective, easy, enjoyable and direct way. Your coach will support, encourage, challenge and hold you to your own goals, and give you clarity and motivation to go further than you thought possible.

Confidence is so fundamental to achieving whatever you want in life, and it can indeed be learned. Tim will help you disentangle whatever is holding you back from being at your best and up to any challenge, and take you through whatever steps you need to grow a rock-solid confidence in yourself. Most of us are confident in some circumstances, but daunted in others. Communicating, relating, presenting, and even just being yourself - all are areas where increased confidence can bear huge benefits as you find yourself free to reach further and higher towards your potential while enjoying life.

To get the most enjoyment from accelerating your abilities and growing beyond your current limits, it is important to find a good rapport with your coach. So you are invited to book a free Confidence Coaching session with Tim. You will gain coaching of immediate benefit, and check that you feel comfortable with Tim, see how you can work together, and hear practical tips you can take away - all without obligation. If you are as comfortable yet excited as most are by the possibilities, you can engage Tim as your coach towards whatever goals you choose.

Your coaching will take place in regular hour-long sessions, from two to four times a month. Most people find that three months is a good foundation for achieving worthwhile goals; many discover that a coach is a sound investment even for years, as their improved success far outpaces the financial cost. You can begin with whatever is comfortable.

Coaching can take place on the telephone (highly convenient for the busy or distant person), or in person (Brislington, Bristol). For those who want to be coached in practical details of presentation or handling groups, there are also small-group coaching sessions in Bristol.

Tim has helped hundreds of people to find a lightness and confidence in life, and has had a unique combination of training that gives him a wide range of techniques to suit whatever your needs and challenges are.

Ring for a chat on 0117 980 3620 (from UK) or +44 117 980 3620 (from abroad), or email to find out more.