Confidential Secrets

How to be More Confident





Present ! training


Learn practical and unique techniques to feel good when you want to, beat self-consciousness, and expand your possibilities. Increase self-esteem, enthusiasm and personal effectiveness. Present yourself at your best in public, professional, or personal life. Learn the 4 keys to confident thinking and communication, be stretched, challenged and supported, laugh and play.

I myself was hopelessly shy, now people say 'you held all 80 of us with your quiet confidence and ease', and 'My thanks for the incredible workshop in Chicago. You have a wonderful way of guiding your pupils and making them feel immediately comfortable, relaxed and ready to play.'

Next weekend not currently scheduled - email me and I'll keep you informed. Bristol. Prices around 150/120/95/60 for the weekend. Call Tim Sheppard 0117 977-6354.